Seattle, WA

John Martin

John sleeps next to a key-tar.

He’s been called “the most studly producer in the game”, once, by an exuberantly drunk Ethiopian man in a tapas bar. He’s sampled the sound of silence and layered it atop an 808 simply for his own peace of mind. He sleeps next to a key-tar. 

John Martin has been casually creating music for years. Making beats for his and his friends’ projects has technically transformed in to more than a hobby, he supposes, seeing as he occasionally gets paid for it. While he’s produced many a song and written many a rap, the work he’s most well respected for is undoubtedly his collaborative efforts with friend and co-creator Sam Lachow. The two have worked together as far back as the group Shankbone, but most recently John was credited as co-producer on the album Huckleberry. Producing and writing on some of Lachow’s biggest records, such as “Banana Goo Pie”, “Cadillacs and Videos”, and numerous others, John attempts to exude originality while simultaneously paying homage to the music that inspires him.

In addition to making totally kick-ass tracks, John took second place in the 2009 metro league wrestling tournament at 135 lbs, he can cook a mean chicken pot pie, and he’s been said to have “some moves for a white boy”.