Seattle, WA

Malitia Malimob

Coming from Somalia, where just trying to find water is a struggle.


Malitia Malimob embodies the very essence of hip-hop to an extreme level. Coming from Somalia where just trying to find water is a struggle. War is rampant, eight year old children hold AK-47’s like they are toys. The shadow of war and violence looms over the now Seattle based duo consisting of Chinoo Capo Gaddafi and J.Krown, both in their backgrounds as Somali refugees and in their present day lives. Chinoo himself has been shot on the streets of Seattle, and J. Krown, is currently serving a three-year sentence in jail after being shot in the back by Seattle cops. Though this might seem to have high shock value, the point is to force the listener to look beyond the stereotypes to see the truth: that African culture has been defined in the worst terms by non-Africans, while African voices are silenced every day.

Malitia Malimob has a story that those who live within reality can relate to. Listening invokes exhilarating passion to better life, and enjoy the paradise within life. Guiding emotions from the feeling of sorrow to a beaming joy. Malitia Malimob’s music advances the mind from being politically aware to taking joy in finer materials, having a militant mindset to having love for humanity. Malitia Malimob is proud of their story and prides themselves on letting the music speak for itself.

The duo’s controversial last project titled ISIS was a featured story for vice. Chinoo explains how he associates with the new war-torn, anarchic world of ISIS, without actually believing in any of the ideology that the terrorist organization spouts. “I hate them. I’m not with them. I hate their cause,” he says. “I named the album that and I thought about what I was doing. It took me time. That’s why you see the cover; it’s the complete, total opposite. It’s a little baby Somalian that’s dead. And underneath is his mother. The concept is: how could something so evil or cruel, come together? How come something so positive and beautiful, like us—Somalians, Muslims… How could we not look at ourselves and come together?”

After partnering with Black Umbrella in Fall 2015, Malitia Malimob released their new project “Sport & Coke” now available on